Don’t You Worry Darling | Eddie Grassi , Editor & Chief

Sep 26, 2022

Minutes into watching Olivia Wilde’s new movie, “Don’t Your Worry Darling” a sense of dread took hold of me.  Thanks Olivia.  All the more troubling since nothing unseemly had happened.   Lead actor Florence Pugh can do that.  More accurately, its her own dread that evokes that similar response in the viewer.  Audiences identify with great acting.   This aura of dread– she did it expertly in Midsommar to astonishing effect.  In this new film she delivers a spellbinding performance as Alice, the not too complacent housewife of Jack (Harry Styles).  The setting is an exclusive white picket fenced neighborhood, a desert oasis sometime during the 1950s.   Alice and Jack turn up the heat whenever and wherever possible.  But that fleshy distraction cannot overcome Alice’s growing sense that something isn’t right with this upscale community of clean cut lawns and art-deco abodes.   Can you say dystopia?  

I must say seeing Midsommar a few years ago gave me some preparation for things going wrong.  For starters, both films have cults led by classic disillusioned leaders at the center of a dystopian community.  Both have a female heroine challenging a patriarchal system that subjugates women in order to retain power for example.  What I didn’t quite expect though is how seamlessly the residual feelings of helplessness displayed by Florence in Midsommar transfer over to her new role as Alice.   Granted there are stark differences between the two films.   Even so, it was almost as if she stepped out of one movie and into the next where once again she faces an evil disguised as order.  Sounds like the Matrix a little, eh?

When the movie ended, my wife and I discussed it a bit.   We agreed that the acting was superb and the plot, thrilling.   The debut performance of Harry Styles was very promising as well.   Usually, before we see a movie, we check its approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Higher than 80%, we will go.   This time however, I was relying on the word of mouth.  I’m glad I did because had I known the very low score it had gotten on RT, I would probably have skipped out on it.   Sometimes movie reviews are too high and they disappoint.  Other times, they are too low and they are incredible.   I remember thinking this movie was great and giving it a 90%.   My delicious Cordon Bleu chicken sandwich was also a 90%.   The Alamo does put on a good show.  Go see it yourself and let me know what you think.    



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blood sugar log
2 months ago

It’s clear that you truly care about your readers and want to make a positive impact on their lives Thank you for all that you do

temp mail
1 month ago

I love how this blog celebrates diversity and inclusivity It’s a reminder that we are all unique and should embrace our differences

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