Adventures at the Chase Center, San Francisco


The Chase Center, a lovely addition to the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco is the place to be. Not only is it an amazing venue (don’t worry, I’ll get into that in a minute), it is a destination for hanging out at a restaurant for a beer and a nice view! However, if you happen to go on a night when the Warriors are playing, the energy is electric! 

I recently treated my boyfriend Matt to a Warriors game for his birthday. Even though the game started at 7, we arrived around 5:30 to check out everything that the Chase Center had to offer. Let me tell you, this place is awesome! There were a few restaurants to choose from, the team store, and a MASSIVE screen with a seating area for fans to watch outside the venue. Matt and I decided to grab a few beers and an empanada at Harmonic Brewing, a local brewery with a location at the Chase Center. They have a great outdoor seating area with a STUNNING view of the bay. Definitely check this place out if you are in the Mission Bay area. Plus, the beer was really good!

After a few beers, we headed inside. I had only been to the Chase Center once before for a concert a few years ago and it was Matt’s first time. We walked through the main entrance and ascended the elevators to the second level. We were automatically sucked into the electric vibes. There were people everywhere sporting their best Warriors gear, the vendors were selling fun and delicious looking food, and the decor and atmosphere of the venue itself was awesome. We grabbed a beer on tap (an IPA for the both of us) from one of the vendors and walked around a bit. The stadium is divided into sections but “portals” are advertised on the entry tunnels. Unfortunately our tickets did not list the portal number, but we asked an attendant and found our way to the right place. 

As soon as we entered the arena, we were amazed with the view of the court. The jumbotron is HUGE and so clear. The lights on the court were blaring, but even this baseball fan was amazed with the beauty of the court itself. We were stoked to be there. It definitely beats watching it on TV! During half time we decided to eat and picked a chicken sandwich and fries. Everything was delicious, which is always a nice surprise at a sports game!

We had so much fun. Even though it was a pre-season game and they lost, we were able to see everyone play. It was so fun to be amongst the fans and cheer on our CHAMPIONS!! 


Rachael Hunter
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1 year ago

Warrrrioorssss! You’re so in the know. Keep up the great writing!

1 year ago

It’s an amazing stadium. Can’t wait to go back with your recommendations. Sounds so fun

Trish Althaus
Trish Althaus
1 year ago

This is awesome. I was inside once, for an Eagles concert (my daughter sang back up with the SFSU choir for one of their songs). I found it to be beautiful. One day I will catch a game!!!

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